Terms & conditions

In order to provide our Services (as defined below) through our apps, services, features, software, or website, we need to obtain your express agreement to our Terms of Service (“Terms”). You agree to our Terms by registering, installing, accessing, or using our apps, services, features, software, or website.

Venn, an app developed and operated by Friendr A/S, provides registered users with the ability to use email and profile services on the internet. Our services are only available to and may only be used by persons who, under local law, are entitled to enter into legal bindings agreements. Friendr AS processes personal data to match this with data from other users. 

Friendr AS reserves the right to terminate your membership without any reason. The services Friendr AS offers is aimed primarily at adults. If you are under 18 and choose to become a user of the system, you must still comply with the terms of this agreement.

By clicking “I accept the terms of use of the pages” and by signing up an account, you register as a member and declare that you understand that we may contact you, store your personal data and other terms in the following usage agreement:

1.) As a user you are solely responsible for all information in your profile. You are also responsible for all communication with other users. For practical reasons, Friendr AS cannot monitor or control the use of the app at any time. You hereby declare, like all our users, sole responsibility for the legality of your actions in accordance with local law. Each member has declared himself in agreement with these terms and so Friendr AS assumes no responsibility for the actions of the users.

2.) It is important that you act properly and considerably to the other users. You cannot mislead others by inviting communication with them if they have clearly asked you to quit this. It is your responsibility to ensure that your conduct to other members is legal and in accordance with local law. If you do not comply with this, you automatically resolve Friendr AS from any claims, actions, litigation or prosecutions you may have had against Friendr AS.

3.) You may not use Friendr AS services to deploy or send material that may appear offensive or offensive to other users. This also applies to sexually charged material in the form of text, images or multimedia.

4.) Friendr AS can send you e-mail, sms and push notifications on your mobile. Most can be turned off after creating your profile. Some newsletters may be sent by email or sms as long as you are an active member. You can opt out from these.

5.) Friendr AS reserves the right to delete the profile and terminate any membership to persons who violate our Terms of Use. This will happen automatically and without notice if a member is suspected of being engaged in any fraudulent or criminal affiliation with our services. This can happen at any time without limitation and without justification. Friendr AS has no obligations to you if you delete your account. You hereby disclose all rights you may have against Friendr AS regarding such action.

6.) If a profile is considered inappropriate, Friendr AS may disable it until the current content has been changed. Friendr AS is entitled to remove all or part of any profile without reason or notice. Friendr AS, if so, has no obligations to you. You hereby state from you all rights you may have had above Friendr AS regarding the intervention in your profile.

7.) Friendr AS is not responsible for information or content posted or transmitted through our services.

8.) Friendr AS reserves the right to change the Terms of Service at any time. If this should be relevant, we will inform you about the changed terms of the app. As a user, you are also bound by the changed terms as from the time they come into force. In addition to this, this usage agreement cannot be changed in any way.

9.) Friendr AS is not required to take a critical view of information posted by users on the service. Therefore, Friendr AS is not responsible for ensuring that members follow the terms that describe what is acceptable behavior. Friendr AS notes that there may be a risk of contact with Internet users acting on the basis of limited prerequisites, giving false information or having criminal purposes. Friendr AS also does not guarantee that users are not minors. We therefore encourage you to exercise caution and to use reason when you want to get in touch with other users. Because Friendr AS does not know the actual identity of the users, the company cannot take responsibility for controlling their background or that the information they provide is correct.

10.) Friendr AS is not liable for damage to a user.

11.) Friendr AS does not monitor communication between users. Therefore, Friendr AS can not be charged for any conflicts or other issues that may arise between users.

12.) When you provide information in your profile, you are solely responsible for the content. Friendr AS is a passive distributor and publishes your information without responsibility for what you choose to write. Friendr AS may, without warning, remove all or part of your information if it is deemed necessary or appropriate for the pages in its entirety to appear to be serious. Friendr AS can also remove all text and all images that could damage the company’s reputation.

13.) You undertake that your information is not:
injurious, defamatory, offensive, threatening or obscene.
Of a pornographic nature or containing pornography in any form.

14.) About storing your data
If you do not use your profile, we will reserve the right to disable it after 6 months. As it is normal to disable and enable the profile, your profile and related data will be stored until you request an email to: support@findavenn.com.

15.) This agreement shall be governed by Norwegian law, no law of any other country than Norway shall apply. 8:44
Provisions of this Agreement may be terminated and, if any of the provisions of this User Agreement are found to be invalid or unenforceable, the relevant provision may be removed and the remaining provisions enforced.
Friendr AS reserves the right to store IP information about your visits to Friend’s services.
Violation of the usage agreement or local law may result in liability against you.
If Friendr AS does not take any action in connection with any breach you may have in this usage agreement, Friendr AS is still entitled to act in case of any new breach.
This usage agreement explains the entire understanding and agreement between Friendr AS and you regarding its content. It cannot, as Friendr AS issued it, be interpreted unfavorably against us.

Privacy policy

Venn, a program (hereinafter called the app) developed and operated by Friendr AS, allows you to register a personal profile that matches the other profiles. To protect your privacy, you will be logged in as user in the app, get a virtual identity characterized by either your full or only first name. During the completion of your profile, you describe a number of your characteristics and provide some other information about yourself (age, gender, looking to). The information will be available to the other users in more or less camouflaged form. The information is used to match you with other persons. Personal information such as email and selected full name is not available to other users.

To contact you and send one time passwords, we require a valid phone number. For security reasons, we log your IP address and usage pattern in the app. We will also be able to use the telephone number to respond to any inquiries you have made to us, to convey information and for any reason we need to contact you. Friendr AS reserves the right to use your telephone number for the purposes that you have said yes through ticking of service alert types.

For first time login, a one time password is sent to log you in. This password is sent to the telephone number you provided. Should you need to log in again, a new one time password (OTP) will be sent to the telephone number set in your profile.

By providing your personal information to us and by using our web site, you agree to our terms and conditions of use described in this text and in our Terms of Use.

In your profile you can optionally choose to enter interests, position on map, descriptive texts and images. These are included in the match, but only as information for those who visit your profile.

Central concepts

Personal information is information that can be linked directly or indirectly to a living natural person. Examples of personal information are name and email address. Information about IP addresses and your user behavior when you use the services also after the circumstances constitute personal information.

Protection of personal data

To protect our users, personal information such as email and IP address will never be available to other users or forwarded to third parties. The only exception is if we are ordered by a local court or other legal authority.

Friendr AS is not involved in activities involving the sale, disclosure or other unauthorized use of your personal information. Information can be used to develop offers, but will mean that all data will be anonymized.

What Information Will We Collect

We collect personal information when registering an account and your subsequent use of the services. To give you the best overview of how your personal information is processed, we’ve divided them into two categories based on how they are collected.

Information you provide us

When you log in to the services, create an account, use your account, and otherwise perform activities within the service, you actively provide information about yourself. This information includes name, age, gender, city, email address, photo, likes, occupation and communication with other accounts on the service. Some of the information you provide us will be sensitive personal information, ie information that reveals race or ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation. By providing such information and accepting this privacy statement, you agree that we and our third-party data-processing professionals treat such information.

Data collected when you use the services

When you use the services with your account, we will get information about your use. This information includes your behavior on the app and how you use the services. The information can be divided into the following categories:

Technical information about your device and your Internet connection

We use server logs and other tools to record information about your device, the connection to our services, and the use of multiple devices across. This information may contain operating system information, browser version, IP addresses, cookies, screen size, device ID, device model, language code, and various unique identifiers.

Information about the use of your account and services; user behavior

We can register when you log in or out of your account and any purchase of services through your account, and store information about your visits and your behavior when using the services. The behavior can include your clicks, how to scroll and how to navigate in the app.

Location Information

Once you’ve accepted location services on your phone or device, the app will regularly collect detailed information about your geographic location. The GPS location will be used to provide you with information about other users in your area. When your location is displayed to other users, it is based on the location you choose to show in your profile settings. If you have not enabled GPS location sharing, we can calculate an approximate geographic location based on the IP address you use.

Location information can also be used to enable us to provide you with content and marketing relevant to you based on your geographical location. The information can be used to develop new products and services to provide you with custom content, such as advertising that is relevant to you.

If you no longer want the app to be able to collect detailed location information, you can disable location services on your phone or device. In such cases, we will only calculate an approximate geographic location based on the IP address. Please note that you will not be able to enjoy the full functionality of our services if you disable GPS location sharing.

Cookies and other technologies that store data locally on your device

When using the app where the services are provided, we will – either directly or through third parties – use different technologies to recognize and learn about you as a user. For example, local storage is used, so you do not have to log in every time you use the app.

Non-sensitive information

In order to quality assure our products, we make statistical analyzes of the profile responses, as well as gather information about web traffic. This information will never be put in connection with the individual user, and consequently has no consequences for you. For research purposes, the data can be anonymized so that they can be securely shared with others without sharing personal information (name, email, IP, geo location, images and texts will be removed).

View of your personal data

Should you wish for access to your personal data, you can sign in to the Venn app on your phone and look at relationship parameters, texts and images you have chosen to upload. To retreive IP addresses and usage patterns associated with your profile, contact Venn support below. The request must be from the e-mail address used on the profile.

Transmission of information to a non-EU / EEA country

We may transfer your personal data, including sensitive personal information, to recipients in a non-EU country. If we transfer your personal information, we enter into agreements and take other measures to secure your data in accordance with applicable law.

Storage and Deletion of Information

We keep your personal information as long as your account is active or as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes described in this Privacy Statement. When your personal information is no longer relevant to the purposes for which they have been collected, we will delete or anonymize them, including any logs or other backup information.

You can choose to delete your profile under Settings in the app at any time. You can alternatively choose to delete your profile after 30 days. As it is normal to disable and reactivate the profile sometimes, your profile and related data will be saved for 30 days after the selected date.

Fix, Block or Delete Your Information

You can change your information at any time in your settings in the app.

You may request access to the personal information we have about you in accordance with applicable law. You also have the right to receive this information without consideration, in accordance with the requirements of the law.

In addition, you may request that we correct, block or delete personal information in accordance with our legal obligations.


We maintain routines and measures to ensure that no unauthorized person access your personal data and that all processing of personal information is in accordance with applicable law. These measures include risk assessments and implementation of organizational measures, as well as procedures for handling data and subsequent requests for access, correction, blocking and deletion of personal data.

Abuse of image / identity

It is important for us to provide a secure service where users can feel safe. We use personal information about users activity combined with technical data to prevent, limit and review various types of abuse of our services. “Abuse” means, among other things, the presentation of false profiles, spamming, harassment, attempts to log into someone else’s account, behavior that violates the terms of use or terms and policies of the services, as well as other practices prohibited by law.

If someone has misused your image or identity on the service, please contact support@findavenn.com. We will review the profile and measures as deletion or exclusion. In case of abuse, we recommend that you report the abuse so that the Police may request access and prosecution of the guilty party.

The data controller

Venn is run by Friendr AS as a data controller.

You also have the right to appeal to the Norwegian Data Inspectorate if you believe that there is a violation of the privacy act.

How to contact us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these privacy statements, please contact us at support@findavenn.com or at:

O.J. Brochs gate 18
5006 Bergen

For questions about handling personal information, it is also possible to contact Venn at support@findavenn.com